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If you answered yes, then I hope my Pioneer Avic F90BT review website will help you choose the right headset for you. I bought my Pioneer Avic F90BT about 2 months ago, so pretty much I know the ups and downs of this DVD/Navigation System.


The size of the Avic F90BT screen is 5.8 inches and features a touch screen monitor. I think it is a tiny bit smaller than their previous Pioneer Avic D3 but I could tell that the Avic F90BT produces a much clearer and crisper display. Also improved was there graphic interface which I find easy to navigate.

The Pioneer Avic F90BT has extremely smart voice recognition. It will recognize users speech such as shudders’ and pauses without messing up the command. Example: You say "I want to ummm, play artist ahh, Jay-Z". The Avic F90BT will take out the extra unwanted words and distinguish the command. Another great feature is the hands free Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Example: You say "Call Stacy Smith" if you have more than one number for a person the Avic F90BT will respond "I have three numbers for Stacy Smith - mobile, home and office" You could then provide just say where you want to call without restarting the command.

The Avic F90BT also has a double DIN receiver built in with Bluetooth technology...with this you can control and receive video and audio signals from iPods and Videos. The F90BT also comes with a built in navigation system instead of the old DVD navigation. This way you will not have to stop listening to you CD while using the navigation. The navigation system features over 13 million points of interest which covers all your favorite hang outs.

The Avic F90BT is capable of getting satellite and HD radio with additional but optional accessories. One of the best features on the Avic F90BT is the MP3, WMA and ACC playback...these media must be played through CD, SD or USB. The Pioneer Avic F90BT also comes with built in DVD playback to watch all you favorite movies.


The only bad thing I have to say about my review of the Pioneer Avic F90BT is that you can’t do much while your vehicle is in motion. What do I mean by this? Well when you start driving your car or truck you will get locked out from playing DVD movies. You will not be able to play DVD movies while you are driving. You will also be locked out from being able to input navigation details while in motion, this means every time you want to enter new navigation details you will have to pull to the side of the road.

I found this website Pioneer Avic F90BT Unlock DVD Guide that has an unlock/bypass guide to unlock these features on your Pioneer Avic F90BT. I purchased a copy of their Avic F90BT hack and it worked great. It’s a great detailed guide on how to unlock/hack your Pioneer Avic F90BT. Check it out at I hope my Avic F90BT review has helped you out.

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